Google Glass

Wow.. just find out the new boom.. coming in September 4th, the 8th wonder of the cyber world –>Google Glass.

Somehow it reminds me of that scene in Wall-e… yes! that one about a lot of fat people moving sat on this wonderful chair that could do anything for you!

Just to release my opinion to the world.. aren’t we already being distracted enough by technology??.. At least for me, it is enough to have the idea of searching for the cellphone in my pocket every time that I see a beautiful scenery..
Before this current Boom of I phones, smartphones, Facebook, Line.. etc..etc,.. I remember, I used to enjoy nature more, just seated or laying somewhere, enjoying the air, the silence, and the peace of mind..
Now, once I also became used to the cyber market, I find myself just looking at my Galaxy if new messages, or searching for what to share.. almost all the time.. But I think I had enough..

So for me, at least me.. I won’t buy Google Glass.. I better try to clean my mind of the need to know and share about the world, instead of just relax and enjoy the universe…
maybe Google Glass is much more technology than the one my small mind can hold..

God Bless you for reading 🙂